The 9513 Chart Update (2-7-10)

Sam Gazdziak | February 9th, 2010 Top Artists

It didn’t take long for Miranda Lambert to reclaim her status as the #1 artist, with 28 listeners. Next came Carrie Underwood with 26, and Lady Antebellum with 24. So the whole Lady A surge lasted for all of a week around here. Gary Allan gets another week in the Top 10, with 23 listeners, so he’s building some decent momentum for his new release. Taylor Swift had 22 listeners, proving her fans are still loyal. However, Butch Walker, the guy who was largely responsible of the one part of the Swift’s Grammy performance that actually worked, couldn’t even chart. That’s unfair. The Top Americana artist was the world’s most relaxed Oscar nominee, Ryan Bingham, with 14 listeners. Top Tracks

In the first post-Grammy chart, Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” and Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody” both had 7 listeners to put them at #11, and 6 listened to Phoenix’s “1901.” Apparently country fans checked out some of the non-country winners, so hopefully the pop and rock fans did the same with some of the country winners. The Top 20 was dominated by Lady Antebellum, Lambert and Swift, with the Top two songs being, once again, “Need You Now” with 13 listeners and “American Honey” with 11. The four songs tied for #3 were Swift’s “White Horse” and “You Belong With Me,” Lambert’s “The House That Built Me” and Lady Antebellum’s “Our Kind Of Love.” Inexplicably, Gloriana‘s “Wild At Heart” had 7 listeners. Didn’t they cease to be relevant about five or six weeks ago? Also inexplicable, but in a good way, was the fact that 5 people played “Oh The Vampyre” by A.A. Bondy. I have no qualms about the song choice, but it just seems like a really random song to get that many listeners in one week.

Billboard Country Songs

Hope for Lambert’s “White Liar” hittin the #1 spot dimmed considerably, as Jason Aldean spent a second week at #1 with “The Truth.” Furthermore, The #3-5 songs – Brad Paisley‘s “American Saturday Night,” Josh Turner‘s “Why Don’t We Just Dance” and Darius Rucker‘s “History In The Making” — are all gaining rapidly in airplay, making any of them more likely to get to #1. If Lambert is to be denied her first Billboard #1, at least it was because of a good Aldean song and not something with “Tractor” in the title. New to the Top 10 was “Temporary Home” by Underwood in just its 10th week on the charts. Steel Magnolia notched its first Top 20 hit, as “Keep On Lovin’ You” made it to #19. For whatever reason, Keith Urban‘s “’Til Summer Comes Around” dropped a spot to #13. If that song doesn’t crack the Top 10 but “That’s How Country Boys Roll” by Billy Currington does, country radio has a lot of explaining to do.

Billboard Country Albums

Lady Antebellum not only dethrones Fearless from #1 on the country chart, but Need You Now debuts at #1 in the Billboard Top 200. The real question will be if the trio can keep Swift from taking back #1 in a week. The only other debut for the week is a rehashed collection of love songs from Vince Gill, which charted at #36. I’m holding out for a collection of Gill singing about lost love, cheating and general misery, as I’ve always liked his heart-breakers more than his love songs.

Americana Music Association Chart

The AMA chart is heating up with its third different #1 album in three weeks. This time, it’s the Crazy Heart soundtrack, which knocks Ray Wylie Hubbard down to #2. While the AMA may not be as influential as Billboard or the other mainstream music charts, the fact that The Dude has a #1 album makes it infinitely cooler. Reckless Kelly jumps from #33 to #10 in its third week on the chart with Somewhere In Time. Patty Griffin‘s Downtown Church is rising quickly as well. After just one week, it already sits at #13 on the chart. With 35 adds, it was the most-added album of the week as well. If Lee Ann Womack and Jo Dee Messina wanted hit songs about God, they should have gotten Buddy Miller on board and aimed for the Americana market instead of wooing those heathens in mainstream country radio.

  1. Sheep
    February 9, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    For whatever reason, Keith Urban’s “Til Summer Comes Around” dropped a spot to #13. If that song doesn’t crack the Top 10 but “That’s How Country Boys Roll” by Billy Currington does, county radio has a lot of explaining to do.

    Amen. I’m really surprised at some of the crappy songs that get so high on the charts, while amazing songs like the one of Urban’s stall further down.

    Sadly, Miranda’s “White Liar” has fallen to #5 on the week of February 20. The good news is that Josh Turner jumped to #1 with “Why Don’t We Just Dance.”

  2. Matt B.
    February 9, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    Lady Antebellum will likely keep outselling Swift for at least the next two weeks. They actually got #1 album in the country again this week.

  3. Gloria
    February 9, 2010 at 3:39 pm

    I agree about Keith Urban’s song. I don’t get why country radio is not playing that song. I emailed the Program Director at my station and asked why. He wrote back, man, is that not a killer song! I love it and we support Keith in every possible way. But he still did not give me an answer and they are still not playing it much at all like they normally do Keith’s songs. It’s one of his best songs to date IMO!

  4. Stormy
    February 9, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    Hasn’t country radio pretty much covered its butt by sucking hard the last 10 years?

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