St. Paul & The Broken Bones to Release Full-Length Debut in February; CMHOF to Salute Mac Gayden; Dolly Covers Bon Jovi

Juli Thanki | October 30th, 2013

  • Garth Brooks’ final Vegas show will be broadcast on CBS November 29; Grady Smith of Entertainment Weekly wonders if Brooks is plotting a country music comeback.
  • Dolly Parton on her next release, Blue Smoke: “This tends to have more of the bluegrass-country flavor,” the 67-year-old singer-songwriter-actress said. “We used all the bluegrass instruments. One of the reasons I called it ‘Blue Smoke’ is that it has a tinge of the bluegrass of the Smoky Mountains — a mountain music flavor. The ‘Blue Smoke’ song is about a heartbreak train called Blue Smoke.” The majority of the songs are her own, but she said she’s recorded versions of Bon Jovi’s “Lay Your Hands on Me” and Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right” to round out the collection.
  • On November 16, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum will salute guitarist Mac Gayden as part of its “Nashville Cats” series. For those who don’t get tickets, the program will be streamed on the HOF site.
  • St. Paul & The Broken Bones’ full-length debut, Half the City, will be released February 18 via Single Lock/Thirty Tigers. (via press release)
  • Everyone in the history of recorded sound is performing at the George Jones tribute concert in Nashville next month. Here’s the full list.
  • Jody Rosen on Alan Jackson: “Jackson’s nonchalance is a technique, and a technique-masker. His notes twirl and float with classic country swing — swing so subtle, you sometimes barely notice that Jackson is singing at all. The goal is to make singing sound as natural as speech, a crucial deception in a genre that prizes naturalism and storytelling. That vocal style doubles as a character portrait.” Jackson played Carnegie Hall the other night; read about it in The New York Times.
  • Stephen Deusner interviewed Julie Roberts about her new record, Good Wine and Bad Decisions.
  • Here’s a live video of The Devil Makes Three playing “Stranger.”
  • 81-year old blues/gospel musician Leo Welch will release his debut album, Sabougla Voices, through Big Legal Mess Records on January 7. Listen to a track from the record here.
  • Jewly Hight interviewed Paul Burch about his solid forthcoming record, Fevers (out November 5).
  • Joey + Rory are featured in Chuck Dauphin’s newest column.


  1. Janice Brooks
    October 30, 2013 at 10:05 am

    Lots of talk about the Justin B jokes on Letterman. I wa also erked about the Southern Comfort ad. How many folks knew Mary Ford was an alchoholic.

  2. Leeann Ward
    October 30, 2013 at 12:04 pm

    Justin B?

  3. Arlene
    October 30, 2013 at 12:30 pm

    Does anyone know if there are any plans to film or live stream the George Jones tribute concert?

  4. Rick
    October 30, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    I’m with Arlene! I’d much rather see the George Jones Tribute concert than the CMA or American Country Awards shows on TV. Crikey!

    Music City Roots Alert! Tonight’s show features the beguiling Amanda Shires (she should have brought her husband along), the re-incarnated ghost of Waylon Jennings who’s going by the name of Sturgill Simpson these days, Telluride Bluegrass Festival jamband stalwarts Leftover Salmon, Daniel Romano (any mafioso connections?), and the Jonathan Scales Fourchestra (Yeah, whatever). Sounds like fun!

    I blame Paul Burch for the musical downfall of Adam and Shannon Wright! He led them astray from the true country path of righteousness, that scoundrel! (lol)

    I wish Garth Brooks would just stay in Las Vegas forever and then some. Garth can become the new Wayne Newton! (lol)

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