Rock Band Plans Country Track Pack for July 21

Brody Vercher | May 13th, 2009

  • The Dixie Chick‘s “Sin Wagon,” Drive-By Truckers‘ “3 Dimes Down” and Kenny Rogers‘ “The Gambler” are three of the 21 add-on country tracks that the makers of the popular Rock Band video game plan to release.
  • Bill Monroe’s Bluegrass Hall of Fame will induct Doc Watson for his contributions to both bluegrass and folk music on September 26.
  • Listen to the new Ryan Bingham album Roadhouse Sun, before it’s June 2 release, on the Lost Highway website.
  • While other genres ignore the recession, John Gerome says country music doesn’t dance around tough times.
  • Next week (May 19), marks the release of Pale Imperfect Diamond, a new project being described as country roots/bluegrass/world music from John Carter Cash and Jack Clift that unifies American folk ballads and traditional Uzbek instrumentation. The album features a collective of musicians, including The Peasall Sisters, Dr. Ralph Stanley and Marty Stuart, under the name of Cedar Hill Refugees. You can watch a video about the project on YouTube or listen to a few tracks on MySpace.
  • Country Universe’s Dan Milliken asks: What are some of your favorite country-related compilation packages? Also, who are some artists who you think have been worth collecting full albums from?
  • A recent radio news story from The Onion reported that area neighbors are up in arms after a local bluegrass band continued drinking beer and jamming nonstop in a nearby garage.
  • Chuck Mead likes country music for its stories and its humor, both of which are presented on his new album, Journeyman’s Wager. Batteries not included.
  • Speaking of Chuck, watch his interview with the Music Fog crew.
  • In an interview with CMT’s Edward Morris, Jamie Dailey recalled the scenario that led to the title of his latest album with Darrin Vincent, Brothers From Different Mothers.

    Nearing a deadline, Irwin had called Jamie Dailey to see if he and his duet partner had come up with an album title. When Dailey confessed they hadn’t, Irwin rolled out his own suggestion.

    “Really?” Dailey recalls asking Irwin in disbelief. “Let me sleep on it.”

    The next morning, Dailey and musical partner Darrin Vincent met with their manager and publicist.

    “I brought that name up,” Dailey says with a wince in his voice, “and they all looked at me like, ‘Leave!'” Still, since no one had a better alternative, they went with the boss’ idea.

  • Wayne Hancock talks about his new album and comparisons to Hank Williams in an interview with Americana Roots’ John Walker.
  • Country California: According to a study published by the National Fan Advocacy Society (NFAS), jealousy is the primary motivating factor behind all negative reviews penned by self-important music critics.
  • In week 11 of his Nashville or Bust column, Nathan Rabin covers Dolly Parton‘s transition from country to pop and credits her for paving the way for the mainstreaming of country.
  • Austin Music Source’s Joe Gross on the new Steve Earle album: “Reverently played and expertly arranged, “Townes” suffers only from Earle’s own weakness as a singer.”
  • The Boot has a free download of “Red Light” from David Nail‘s forthcoming album, I’m About To Come Alive, and video from an acoustic performance of the song at CRS earlier this year.
  • With John Carter Cash taking the reins for the latest Wylie & the Wild West album, Hang-n-Rattle!, Chris Neal says Gustafon’s sound takes a new direction: “a little more rock, a little less swing.”
  • Some fans are raising a stink over a recent Kenny Chesney concert that had to be rescheduled due to rain. They’re upset that they won’t be able to get the same seats that they had before. (via reader email)

    The promoter said people shouldn’t consider the concert a makeup or rescheduled show. Instead, they said it’s a gift from Chesney on his dime to play for his fans.

  • Melodic Sunburst’s Carolyn Dixon found a few parallels between newcomers Chris King (MySpace) and Lindsay Wells (MySpace).
  1. Kelly
    May 13, 2009 at 12:13 pm

    I am not a fan of Chesney, but I think he’s doing a great thing here. I live just a few minutes from the venue, so I remember how bad the weather was that day, and the fact that he knocked out a few songs before he actually stopped is remarkable. Lightning and constant rain dogged the whole afternoon/evening, and I wouldnt have blamed him for not coming out at all.

  2. Craig R.
    May 13, 2009 at 5:26 pm

    I am not a Kenny Chesney fan either. But if I had paid 200 hundred hard earned dollars for a seat I would expect that seat again if the weather forced a new show. Chesney is working for his fans, not doing them a favor.

  3. PaulaW
    May 13, 2009 at 5:55 pm

    I would venture a guess it’s the venue making that seating decision and not Kenny. Though I cant imagine why they would do that.

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