Rascal Flatts Announce Date For New Album And The Statlers Win Virginians Of The Year

Brody Vercher | March 24th, 2007

  • Pretty soon Last of the Breed is going to be over, but until then I’m going to keep directing you toward the excellent reviews that are being written. Most of them contain the same basic information, but have their own special take on the concert. Today’s review is from Ben Ratliff at The New York Times.

    The evening finally turned into the hero-worship stage, with Mr. Nelson taking over. You probably know the coordinates: amiable-vagabond music (“Whiskey River” and “On the Road Again”) and a funny new song called “You Don’t Think I’m Funny Anymore.” It was all better than good. But that delicate, tenebrous, alchemical middle section of the concert: that was something else, something unknowable.

  • NPR has an excerpt from Neko Case’s appearance on World Cafe in which she talks about a few of her key influences.
  • Terrence Howard is starring in the new movie, Pride, but is in high demand for a number of other films…including the biopic on country singer Charley Pride. Talks of the actor playing Charley have been going on for a while, so hopefully things are getting close to taking form.

    “Yep, all we’re waiting for is the script. But it has to be done right, and that’s a tough thing. The hardest thing about doing a biopic is getting someone that can translate living energy to pen and paper. It’s very much like catching wind in a bottle.”

  • Vince Gill, Willie Nelson, and Alison Krauss are among some of the artists participating in the Eric Clapton guitar fest.
  • Rascal Flatts have scheduled September 25th as the release date for their new album. DeMarcus has a quote about songwriting and how they’d love to have some of their songs cut on the album, but they have to put their egos aside and record what’s best for the band at the time, “If you get to the point where you are so arrogant to think you can write every song on your record and they’re all gonna be hits, you’re in trouble.”
  • John Gerome from the Associated Press published an insightful article on Tim McGraw. Gerome wrote about the beginning of McGraw’s career and all the avenues he’d like to explore in the future. He’s already been an actor in two movies, with a third on the way, and eventually he’ll consider getting into politics. The article also addresses McGraw’s songwriting.

    ‘He was promoting his first single, ‘What Room Was the Holiday Inn’ and it was just a terrible song,’ Hart said. ‘He was a scared little kid, but a good-looking kid. The only reason I booked him was so we could say we were having (former major league pitcher) Tug McGraw’s son on.’

  • The Statlers, who got their name from a brand of facial tissue, were named Virginians of the Year by the Virginia Press Association.

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