‘Noble Things’ Now Playing in Select Theaters; Blake Shelton’s ‘Hillbilly Bone'; Augie Meyers Profiled

Brody Vercher | October 30th, 2009

  1. Saving Country Music
    October 30, 2009 at 11:54 am

    To show my solidarity with Taylor Swift during this most unfortunate incident, I am growing out a Hitler mustache.

  2. Rick
    October 30, 2009 at 11:59 am

    Being he’s a liberal academic Obamavoter type I can understand Kevin Coyne dumping on Darryl Worley’s “Have You Forgotten” and Clint Black’s “I Raq and Roll”. I totally disagree but realize this is a “politically correct” choice for those brainwashed with that mindset. On the other hand dismissing Jamey Johnson’s “The Dollar” because “little kids don’t talk like that” is assinine! Just pathetic…

    So can we assume “Noble Things” will wind up on CMT eventually where we can catch it almost any night of the week? Hmm…

    Really enjoying the Gene Watson and Rhonda Vincent video. Thanks for the link.

  3. Leeann Ward
    October 30, 2009 at 12:11 pm

    “The dollar” is what made me think I wouldn’t/didn’t like Jamey Johnson.

  4. Razor X
    October 30, 2009 at 12:16 pm

    Why do I get the feeling that if Taylor Swift had come out and admitted to being a Nazi, that Nazism would suddenly become the in thing among the younger crowd?

  5. Chris N.
    October 30, 2009 at 12:32 pm

    You don’t have to be brainwashed to know that “Have You Forgotten” and “I Raq and Roll” are crappy songs.

  6. Leeann Ward
    October 30, 2009 at 12:37 pm

    I’m not even going to go into “Have You Forgotten” (as I understand and accept that it’s probably somewhat based on political differences), but to even suggest that “I Raq and Roll” is a decent song by any standard is incredible to me considering just how stupid the song is. I don’t mind some word play, but…seriously.

  7. Truersound
    October 30, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    Yeah I will agree with Leeann that “The Dollar” was pretty bad. Full of over dramatic lifetime movie sentimentality that modern country radio listeners just eat up.

  8. sam (sam the drywall man)
    October 30, 2009 at 1:15 pm

    I voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004, and McCain in 2008. And I don’t like “Have You Forgotten.” Its not a liberal or conservative thing for me. For me, its that the people who disagree with Worley haven’t “forgotten” anymore than he has, and his argument is intellectually lazy.

    The issue wasn’t over “how it felt” on 9/11; the issue was over how to respond to those events.

    There are intelligent conservative arguments but Worley doesn’t make them. He just makes an irrelevant emotional appeal and asks those who disagree if they “have forgotten. That’s not a good song. Thats not intelligent. There is so much good conservative thought out there that it is a shame it gets bastardized into Worley’s awful lyrics.

    And I think conservatives should think twice before using terms such as “Obamavoters.” Some Obama voters are “swing voters” and could very well vote Republican in the future. Before offending them by calling them names, conservatives should think twice.

  9. Steve M.
    October 30, 2009 at 1:18 pm

    If Taylor Swift didn’t know that was a swastika, then she is a complete moron.

  10. Chris N.
    October 30, 2009 at 2:25 pm

    Name-calling is kinda Rick’s specialty.

  11. Peter
    October 30, 2009 at 2:31 pm

    I concur with Chris N, Rick…those songs were just plain bad and ultimately, in the case of Worley’s, outright innaccurate. Iraq and 9/11 were not connected; this has even been confirmed (reluctantly) by your precious Rumsfeld

  12. Leeann Ward
    October 30, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    Since I shared it over at CU, I’d like to paste my favorite part of “I Raq and Roll.” Can’t imagine why this obvious masterpiece would be on a “Worst of the Decade” list:

    Now it might be a smart bomb,
    they find stupid people too.
    If you stand with the likes of Saddam,
    well, one might just find you.
    Iraq, I rack ‘em up and I roll,
    I’m back and I’m a hi-tech GI Joe.
    I got infrared, I got GPS,
    I got that good old-fashioned lead.
    No price too high for freedom,
    so be careful where you tread.
    Now you can come along
    or you can stay behind

    or you can get out of the way.
    But our troops take out the garbage
    for the good old USA.
    Iraq, I rack ‘em up and I roll.
    for the USA.

  13. Matt B.
    October 30, 2009 at 3:14 pm

    It is funny to me that he made a song which he used the wrong pronunciation of E Rock (Iraq) to I Rack. I remember the song and briefly thinking it was funny that he even released it.

    I still think the Dollar is a well-written song.

  14. Chris N.
    October 30, 2009 at 3:22 pm

    “The Dollar” is OK as those things go. I’ve heard worse sentimental hogwash.

  15. Leeann Ward
    October 30, 2009 at 3:25 pm

    Yes, I’ve heard sentimental songs that I like less than “The Dollar”, but that’s only due to the production/performance. As far as content goes, I think it’s right down there.

  16. idlewildsouth
    October 30, 2009 at 4:06 pm

    I think it was a fairly original way to spin the scenario.

  17. Lucas
    October 30, 2009 at 5:35 pm

    I assume at the rate she takes pictures with people she didn’t notice the shirt. The question more accurately isn’t why is Taylor in the picture, but what’s wrong with that kid. Historic note: Notice the neo-nazis stature, this downfall of weakness is partially what brought the fall of the Nazis at the end of WWII… that and everybody they discrimnated against from the free countries decided to kick their Nazi-butts into oblivion! WOO, GO AMERICA!

    Now… where was I…
    I like Hillbilly Bone a bit, but it isn’t anything special. I’d think if you teamed up with Trace you’d pick a better song.

  18. Rick
    October 30, 2009 at 6:23 pm

    Chris N. said: “Name-calling is kinda Rick’s specialty.” What do you mean “kinda”?!!! (lol)

    First Kevin bags on Buddy Jewell’s “This Ain’t Mexico”, then Darryl Worley’s “Have You Forgotten”! Next thing he’ll be doing a list of Merle Haggard’s worst songs and will list “Okie From Muskogee” and “Fightin’ Side Of Me” as the worst of the worst! If that doesn’t identify an “Obamavoter”, I don’t know what will! (lol)

    Leeann, look at it this way, my snarky comments probably increase the number of 9513 lurkers who click on the link to Country Universe out of curiosity! See, I do serve a useful purpose! (lol)

  19. Mike Wimmer
    October 30, 2009 at 6:38 pm

    The only song I disagree with on the worst Country songs list is “She Couldnt Change Me”. The rest are all pretty bad.

    I love Jamey Johnson, but even I can admit that song is just way too sappy. Though I must admit I would be laughing pretty hard if he did The Dollar and then High Cost of Living back to back in concert one time (and yes I know he never performs The Dollar or really anything off his first album anymore).

  20. Leeann Ward
    October 30, 2009 at 6:47 pm

    Okay Mike, I agree.
    That would be pretty awesome! Also, I don’t even agree with all of Kevin’s choices, which is obvious by my comments there and part of the fun of the list. “She Couldn’t Change Me” is one of the MG songs that I like reasonably well.

    I really don’t think those two Haggard songs are even in the same league as the Worley, Jewell and Black songs. I know of plenty of self-proclaimed conservatives who don’t think fondly of “This Ain’t Mexico.” A song like that doesn’t help further the cause that he was hoping to promote. Even Toby’s Angry American is on a higher craft level than those songs.

  21. Rick
    October 30, 2009 at 6:49 pm

    Last Minute Opry Alert! Tonight’s Opry will feature Sunny Sweeney, David Nail, Vince Gill, and Keith Urban as well as the Legend regulars. I’m really looking forward to hearing Sunny! Go Sunny!
    Link: http://opry.com/TicketsAndInformation/ThisWeek.aspx
    Listen: http://www.wsmonline.com/

  22. sam (but not the one who wrote the toby review)
    October 30, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    As a conservative, I think Leeann Ward captures some conservative objections to the song when she says “A song like that doesn’t help further the cause that he was hoping to promote.”

    Jewell laced his song about a serious problem with seemingly racist rhetoric. As a conservative, I do not want conservatism associated with racism or overt and needless hatred. It discredits conservatism and does little to solve the problem of illegal immigration. Moreover, racist or not, it takes no political genius to realize that we cannot practically implement the line “you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.” Not only is the song racist, it is politically naive.

    Of course, these objections (the racist rhetoric is bad because it discredits conservatism) are trivial in comparison with the objection that racist rhetoric is extremely hurtful and rarely brings any benefits to compensate for the misery it causes.

  23. Kim
    October 30, 2009 at 9:12 pm

    Someone on another post (Leann, I think it was you, too lazy and stuffed with birthday cake to find it) that current artists’ forays into musical political commentary basically sucks on both sides. I think that’s about all anyone can say.

  24. Truersound
    October 31, 2009 at 12:50 pm

    hahaha, I just looked at that Taylor Swift nazi picture. Funny stuff.

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