Lee Ann Womack Signs with Sugar Hill; ATO Records Offers Free Spring Sampler; Glen Campbell Doc to Make Film Fest Debut

Juli Thanki | April 10th, 2014

  • Lee Ann Womack has signed with Sugar Hill/Welk Music Group. Her album is slated for release in September, and the record’s first single will come this summer.
  • The McClintons are having a rough time lately. On Monday, Delbert had bypass surgery; the procedure was successful but he had to cancel several shows scheduled for April and May. Singer-songwriter-son Clay is recovering from head injuries sustained in a car accident two weeks ago.
  • Otis Head, who spent 60 years as a bluegrass radio host, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 94. Sounds like he had a mighty interesting life: Head was also a prizefighter, Western and Appalachian music promoter and performer and record producer. He began his performance career competing on a talent show in “Doc” Chamberlain’s Medicine Show hosted by country legend Rambin’ Tommy Scott in the late 1930s. As a producer, Otis Head fostered the careers of multimillion selling banjo stylist Raymond Fairchild; country singer Clyde Beavers and numerous bluegrass and gospel acts….He promoted music shows in the Northwest Georgia area featuring Country Music Hall of Famers Bill Monroe and Charlie Louvin, Boys from Indiana, the Bailes Brothers, the Lewis Family, Randall Franks and Raymond Fairchild.
  • Baseball season is well underway, which means it’s time to see what everyone is using for their walk-up music. Well done, Chase Utley. Kyle Kendrick? Not so much.
  • Todd Snider’s book, I Never Met a Story I Didn’t Like: Mostly True Tall Tales, comes out this spring.
  • Carlene Carter talked with Jewly Hight about Carter Girl and the moment she realized the impact her famous family had on music.
  • Hight also interviewed Dierks Bentley for The Bluegrass Situation.
  • Chrissie Dickinson (The Chicago Tribune) reviewed Emmylou Harris’ recent Windy City tour stop.
  • CMT Edge’s Chris Parton chatted with Canadian country singer Del Barber about his new album, Prairieography
  • American Songwriter published a Q&A with singer-songwriter Emily Kinney, who plays Beth on The Walking Dead.
  • Construction of the National Music of African American Music in Nashville is expected to begin next year.
  • James Alan Shelton remembers the late George Shuffler in a guest post on Bluegrass Today.
  • Rodney Crowell a lifetime of working at his songwriting: To me, the blessing of being an artist is working at it every day, and going to work every day. Maybe taking one day off. When I’m on the road, that’s different – that’s the work I’m doing. But when I’m home I’m working every day. When I think of Picasso, the man got up and went to work every day. Nabokov, the man got up and went to work every day. I’m not comparing myself to them, but I’m comparing the experience. If you are lucky enough to spend a lifetime as a working artist, the work, the day in and day out rhythm of the work, becomes the most important thing about it. And it just leads to clarity and a deeper focus. And I enjoy and love the work. I do know this: the inspiration that comes to a 25-year-old man or woman is different than the inspiration that comes to a 55-year-old man or woman artist. And the 25-year-old inspiration is more forgiving than the 55-year-old inspiration. When that source of inspiration hands it to you, it expects a better job out of you when you’re older. 
  • Song and video premieres:

Esme Patterson “Valentine”

The Mastersons “Good Luck Charm”

Ross Cooper “Give It Time”



  1. Ken Morton, Jr.
    April 10, 2014 at 12:40 pm

    I love that news about Lee Ann Womack. Sugar Hill would seem to be a perfect landing spot for her.

  2. Barry Mazor
    April 10, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    I’m with Ken. And will look forward to Don Williams/LeeAnn shows!

  3. numberonecountryfan
    April 10, 2014 at 2:48 pm

    Maybe Lee Ann Womack and Don Williams can make a duet of Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good.

  4. Six String Richie
    April 10, 2014 at 6:20 pm

    That Designated Hits websites is pretty cool. I love to see what songs the players listen to. I’m a huge baseball fan and the personal walk-up music is a cool way to try to get a feel for the players’ personalities.

  5. SunsetPark
    April 10, 2014 at 10:06 pm

    You have to give Kyle Kendrick credit for knowing his place in baseball…he is a #4/5 starting pitcher, with not the greatest stuff. So Jason Aldean’s I Use What I Got…probably pretty accurate.

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