Garth Brooks Expands Schedule to Include Nine Shows

Brody Vercher | October 8th, 2007

  • In an effort to milk as much as possible from Taylor Swift’s debut an expanded “limited deluxe” edition is being offered that will include three new tracks, including Swift’s first phone call with Tim McGraw, and a DVD. The new edition will be made available on Nov. 6.
  • It seems Merle Haggard talks more politics then ever these days, here’s a short Q&A with the Hag.

    Complete this sentence for me: If I knew then what I know now . . .

    Well, I wouldn’t go to prison.

  • Video of Drew Kennedy performing “I’ll Make It Home In the Morning”.
  • Garth Brooks expanded his lone show in Kansas City to include nine shows total with wife Trisha Yearwood opening for him.
  • Country Universe pumped out a few album reviews over the weekend which included the recently released Cowboy Town (3/5) from Brooks & Dunn and The Hits (4.5/5) from Faith Hill.
  • The author of The Lost Highway likes all the branches of the country music tree and says country music is everything to him, then asks “what about you?” Generally speaking I like some branches more than others, but each has it’s own highs and lows.
  • Galleywinter has a review of the new album from The Gougers, A Long Day For the Weather Vane.

    There is a definite throw-back, retro vibe to The Gougers and their music. It is invigorating to hear a band crank out solid, country jams with such assuredness and ability. Along with Jason Eady & The Wayward Apostles, The Gougers are leading a wave of young, vibrant country musicians who have a sense of what was cool in yesteryear and what is cool now. A Long Day for the Weather Vane, firmly establishes that it’s going to be a long career for the Gougers in music.

  • Jammie Thomas recently lost a case to the RIAA in which she was ordered to pay them $222,000 for illegally sharing songs. Among her music collection was an eclectic blend of Reba McEntire, Gloria Estefan, Guns N’ Roses, Richard Marx, and Green Day. Los Angeles Times staff writer Ann Powers wrote:

    Popular music has always been a leaky commodity, but the major labels have increasingly narrowed their scope to focus on a few superstars and one-hit wonders. The Internet has made eclectic listening easy again. Thomas’ crime (if we must label it that) was in not paying for the tracks she allegedly shared. But in a way, it was an act committed in self-defense, against the numbing effects of an increasingly narrowcast mainstream.

  • Rooms have bee all booked for the Big State Festival for weeks, but John Goodspeed says camping inside the festival grounds is still available for a fee of $25. Showers are even available on 18-wheeler trailers.
  • Check out this refreshingly candid interview with Austin honky-tonker Roger Wallace.

    Laurie: It’s About Time (according to a family member of yours I’ve spoken with) also seems to refer to your former status as a single man. You’ve gotten married since your last record…has it changed your music? I’m hoping your music isn’t going to become “Tim McGrawed”

    Roger: No problem, as long as my lovely bride doesn’t turn into Faith Hill. Which would be my worst friggin’ nightmare. But no, Mrs. K is a super-cool gal, so I’m not too worried about that. It’s true that being in a good relationship can take away some of that pent-up angst that makes for some cool music, and I do find myself doing more fun and generally less embittered stuff. But then again, I just recorded a song about a guy who offs a priest with a religious symbol. Nah, I’m not going anywhere.

  • Diamond Rio has some lofty plans in the works. They’ve got an upcoming Christmas album being released which will be followed by a Christian album and then they want to record a bluegrass album.
  • Update: I just remembered that today has been declared Hank Thompson Day in The State of Texas.

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