Exhibit Planned By CMHoF To Pay Tribute To Hank Williams’ Influence

Brody Vercher | September 14th, 2007

  • Randy Owen, singer and primary songwriter for the group Alabama, is currently working on his first solo project and you’ll never believe who he has producing it–John Rich. It seems like he has his hands all over everything coming out of Nashville these days.

    “Alabama, his voice, that band, was a major impact on every artist that exists in country music from the time the band showed up to present day,” Rich said. “When he approached me about recording a solo album on him, it was an intimidating request, honestly. I feel like I can make a great record on him, and I’m in the process of making a great record on him, but it’s a big responsibility.”

  • Country Weekly has a photo of the new Lonestar band and a short Q&A in which the guys say that their new music is going to be a littlie edgier and not hit the family & kid drum so much, lyrically speaking.
  • New video for Clint Black’s “The Strong One”.
  • When talking about the sound of his band, Randy Rogers says it’s more of a genuine country sound than mainstream music right now.

    We want to return country music back to its roots,” Rogers said. “Not too much the cheesy [stuff] that’s on the radio. Our music is edgy, and the topics aren’t as cheesy. It’s almost a rebellious atmosphere.”

    The article goes on to mention that the Randy Rogers Band will take a break from touring in January to begin work on their next album.

  • Sugarland performs on Seasame Street today. Let’s hope that they’re not performing their new single.
  • John Michael Montgomery asked a judge to drop the lawsuit that was filed against him by the officer who arrested him. He argues that the statements he made to police qualify as “pure opinion” and cannot be found slanderous.
  • Holly Gleason glosses over Emmylou Harris’ career with the genre-defying singer as they take a look at all the events that have led up to her 78 song box set, Songbird. Gleason says “These are the obscure treasures, songs that have never been part of a compilation, and with a new album slated for sometime in 2008, there is still more to come.” Chet Flippo praises the set by saying it “is an eloquent argument for the continuation of the CD format and the CD boxed set in particular.” He closes with a few lessons to other artists:

    Like, to thine own self be true. Do not bend over to accommodate a record label’s demands for trendiness. Do not trade this week’s radio play for a lifetime’s musical legacy. Be glad your music can endure outside the tightly compressed MP3 format. Be glad that music can indeed live and breathe.

  • On Wednesday morning George Jones thought he was going to have an early-bird dinner at Logan’s Steakhouse when he was surprised by 250 guests for his 76th birthday. Like Dierks mentioned, it’s nice to see that even famous people like Logan’s. I’m a big fan of their rolls.
  • If you read one thing today, make it the article on Take Country Back titled “Country Blues.” It’s a highly intriguing read about the origins of what we now call country music.
  • Country Chaos, a two day country music festival at the Iowa Speedway, had to be canceled due to “scheduling conflicts.” If you purchased tickets do not fret, you are “eligible to receive complimentary tickets to the Sept. 22 Soy Biodiesel 225 Hooters Pro Cup Series race.” Score!
  • Mindy McCready Sent to the Big House!
  • Austin Powell says that in a recent interview with Steve Earle, he expresses his frustrations regarding the Austin City Limits television series.

    “I don’t understand why I haven’t done it more other than [ACL producer] Terry Lickona doesn’t think I’m all that important. Ray Benson, Lickona, and I had our pictures taken at some event a few years ago, and I mouthed off at him the whole time. I smiled for the cameras while giving him hell. And I don’t piss and moan about that stuff too much, but it’s important to me.”

    When asked about his comments, Likona took it as a backhanded compliment. (via This Is Texas Music, which has the link to the aforementioned interview)

  • Raul Malo says he wanted his album After Hours to “showcase a little more elegant and sophisticated side of country music.” He also says he has two albums worth of new, original material that he’s written and hopes to start releasing next year.
  • I haven’t listened to the full thing yet (it’s over an hour long), but the 6th episode of It Burns When I Pee sounds like a doozy. They’re titling it the “Hank Williams’ Sr. Special.”
  • On March 28th of next year (?) the Country Music Hall of Fame will open a 5,000-square-foot exhibit that will examine Hank Williams’ influence on his son as well as numerous other country artists. Family Tradition: The Hank Williams Legacy will run for nearly two years. Sweet action.
  1. Matt C
    September 14, 2007 at 6:14 pm

    It looks like the new Lonestar is going for the Rascal Flatts look. Sorry, but I don’t associate that with “edgy.”

  2. Chris N.
    September 15, 2007 at 11:02 am

    Who the hell is Austin Powell?

  3. Brody Vercher
    September 15, 2007 at 11:29 am

    It’ll be interesting to see how the “new” Lonestar is accepted.

    Chris – Just another writer, I suppose.

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