ACM New Artist of the Year Semifinalists Announced; Chris Eldridge Scores Silent Film; Stream Bluesman Leo Welch’s Debut Album

Juli Thanki | January 10th, 2014

  • The Academy of Country Music named eight semifinalists for their New Artist of the Year Award: Lee Brice, Brett Eldredge, Tyler Farr, Justin Moore, Kip Moore, Kacey Musgraves, Thomas Rhett, and Parmalee. The 2014 ACM Awards will be broadcast on CBS April 6.
  • Punch Brother Chris Eldridge will provide the score for 1917 silent film Coney Island (starring Fatty Arbuckle and Buster Keaton) during a screening at the 2014 New York Guitar Festival later this month.
  • In this interview with CMT Edge’s Brian T. Atkinson, Jim Lauderdale talks about his new records and the possibility of another collaboration with Buddy Miller.
  • The A.V. Club posted a demo version of “This Year” from the forthcoming reissue of Uncle Tupelo’s No Depression.
  • Here’s Sara Watkins playing “Jefferson” on A Prairie Home Companion.
  • Travis Tritt is full of surprises, according to Peter Cooper’s newest column.
  • Della Mae, Lydia Loveless, Mandolin Orange, and Mike Stinson are a few of the 1200+ acts playing SXSW this year. Here’s the newest list of participating bands.
  • In February, Pete Seeger is going to receive the first Woody Guthrie Prize, an award which will be given annually to “the artist who best exemplifies the spirit and life’s work of Woody Guthrie by speaking for the less fortunate through music, film, literature, dance or other art forms and serving as a positive force for social change in America.” (via press release)
  • The Chicago Reader posted an entertaining conversation between Robbie Fulks and Steve Albini.
  • Jewly Hight did an excellent interview of Allen Toussaint.
  • The Atlantic reports that accordions are cool again thanks to Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers and Joan from Mad Men. Probably mostly that last one — and hey, when were accordions ever uncool?
  • The Johnny Cash Museum is planning a three-day shindig to celebrate what would have been the Man in Black’s 82nd birthday.
  • Pat Green’s got a new record; he’s planning to release the first single in February.
  • Garden & Gun is streaming octogenarian bluesman Leo Welch’s debut album, Sabougla Voices.
  • Big & Rich have formed their own label; the duo’s next record will be released later this year.
  • Taylor Swift and Hunter Hayes made Forbes“30 Under 30” countdown of music’s brightest young stars.
  • Eric Church’s “Give Me Back My Hometown” opened on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs Chart at No. 39, his best debut to date.


  1. Rick
    January 10, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    Opry Alert! Tonight’s Opry features Ashley Monroe, Collin Raye, The Grascals, Chris Janson, Gwen Sebastian, Sundy Best(?), and Opry Legends. Grade: B+
    Saturday Night’s Opry features Eric Church (hopefully acoustic), Parmalee, Will Hoge, Morgan Frazier and Opry Legends. Also Grade B+.
    Check out the new appearance of the webpage of the Opry Schedule:

    Gosh, was that press release for Pete Seeger from either The Daily Worker or the White House press office by any chance?…(lol)

    One of the primary reasons I love good Tex-Mex music is because of the accordion! One of my favorite current western swing accordion musicians is Texas based Ginny Mac (real last name McLaughlin) who just loves old Spade Cooley songs like “Spadella”! Go Ginny!

    The primary reason I listen to A Prairie Home Companion is for the amazing live music that show presents each episode. I’m really glad Garrison has selected artists like Sara Watkins, Aoife O’Donovan, and Heather Massey as guests on a regular basis. Garrison’s and my political views may be polar opposites, but I sure can’t knock his taste in music which is excellent by any standard of measure.

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