Country Music Returns To LA Radio And Joe Nichols To Sing At Anna Nicole Smith’s Funeral

Brody Vercher | March 2nd, 2007

  • Los Angeles announced the other day that they’d be regaining a country music station and now San Francisco is following suit.

    “Country music has never been stronger,” Scott Mahalick, the new KMAX program director, told the San Jose Mercury News. “Before you had country artists like Faith Hill crossing over to other formats. Now you have others like Bon Jovi, John Mellencamp and Don Henley crossing into country.”

    Mahalick also said the station would include the Dixie Chicks in the song rotation. This move leaves New York City as the only major market in the U.S. without a country music radio station.

  • Brooks & Dunn, Pat Green, and Kelli Pickler are among 20 new members who have joined the National Celebrity Cabinet of the American Red Cross. Their job is to help promote awareness for the Red Cross by taping public service announcements and donating their time,money and blood as well as feeding victims of natural disasters.
  • The Ledger Online has some more Kristofferson goodness in the form of a short interview.

    How has Cash’s death impacted your daily life? Your work?

    It’s hard and it’s only going to get worse. As people get older, they start dying. I just feel real lucky for the time I got to spend with Roger Miller, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash. If there’s a lesson, it’s to value it while you’re doing it. I wish I’d known the time I spent with The Highwaymen was going to be as short as it was. It was magical.

  • Paul over at Nashville Hype is a little perturbed that songs like “Ladies Love Country Boys” are just starting to climb the charts and increase in radio play five months after release. He argues that fans are already tired of a song after that long and are ready for something new.
  • Back in 2005 Joe Nichols met Anna Nicole Smith at the Grand Ole Opry and now he’s scheduled to sing at her funeral. He’ll be singing his “I’ll Wait For You” song along with one of Dolly Parton’s hit songs “Wings Of A Dove.”
    • Watch I’ll Wait For You (YouTube)
  • Country Universe single reviews: Sunny Sweeney – “If I Could” (link), Darryl Worley – “Living In The Here And Now” (link), and Carolyn Dawn Johnson – “Got A Good Day” (link).
  • A research company out of New Jersey is presenting their research in Nashville at the Country Radio Seminar that concludes country music needs to serenade the Hispanic demographic.

    “Many of us who have worked in radio for a long time — me included — we kind of assume that everybody knows all the country stations on the dial,” said Larry Rosin, president of Edison Media Research. “Well guess what? These people told us in the loudest voices that they have no idea we’re even there. And why should they? We haven’t done anything to tell them about us.”

    “We can’t take the attitude that we’re just the white peoples’ format. We can’t afford not to do this research because we’ll go out of business.”

    The article goes on to say that Latin remixes are one suggested way of reaching this audience but that they aren’t looking to change the format of country music. To me, it sounds exactly like they will change the format and do whatever possible to put more money in their pockets. The research itself indicates that Hispanics already like country music, so it sounds like the marketing targeting this demographic needs to be kicked up to raise awareness without messing with the music at this point. And what’s with that going out of business BS?

  1. Nina O
    June 8, 2007 at 2:48 pm

    I have mixed emotions on the Joe Nichols song I’ll wait for you, I like this song and then don’t like it. In this song the wife has to always be waiting for her husband at death & even in heaven. I would like the wife to say I am tired of waiting just say your too late good bye.

  2. Linda Trahan
    August 5, 2007 at 2:45 pm

    I first heard “I’ll Wait for You” shortly after my mother died. The song means a lot to me. I think of my mom everytime I hear it. My dad is still here so I can imagine my mom waiting for my dad to meet her at heavens door. Thanks for the song.

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